Multi-chain NFT Marketplace
xPlanet’s NFT marketplace will meet the needs of those who wish to obtain a specific NFT directly, as well as the needs of those who wish to sell NFTs. It will focus on providing services and tools for DeFi NFTs.
xPlanet’s NFT marketplace will support multiple public blockchains and support NFT trading with ETH, XKEY, BNB, and a variety of other tokens. There will be a mere transaction fee of 0.1-2%, which will be charged to the seller, with no additional fees for the buyer. Collected transaction fees will be used to buyback XKEY tokens which will subsequently be burned.
There will also be a weekly XKEY airdrop to all users with completed transactions (both sellers and buyers) on the marketplace. The airdrop amount is based on the transaction volume with respect to the associated wallets.
Features to be launched:
--Fixed price auction
Sellers list the item on the marketplace with a fixed price and token type. A transaction is completed when a buyer purchases the item according to these preset parameters.
--NFT installment
DeFi NFTs are backed by an underlying asset, facilitating price discovery and making installment plans possible. xPlanet will offer installment financial services to facilitate the purchases of these assets in exchange for an interest, with the benefit of increased NFT liquidity.
--NFT lending
In certain circumstances, the owner of an NFT will favour lending their NFT asset, as opposed to selling it. This may occur if the owner of the NFT favors the asset’s long term value but is incapable of making good use of the NFT in the short term. In this case, they can lend the asset to earn an interest.
--NFT collateralized loan
Since the value of a DeFi NFT is not speculative, instead being backed by the protocol related assets that it represents, it becomes possible to use DeFi NFTs as collateral to secure a loan.
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