xPlanet is a platform for minting, trading and using DeFi NFTs, dedicated to making assets programmable and making smart contracts tradable.
xPlanet will launch a Mint Center and a Mint Protocol for users to create DeFi NFTs. xPlanet will open a Marketplace for DeFi NFT trading and provide financial tools and applications for DeFi NFTs:
  • xPlanet Mint Protocol: A series of Mint smart contracts to meet the users’ needs for minting various DeFi NFTs. Features such as time lock, random number, and trading strategies, will be implemented in a sequence. Users can inject assets into smart contracts to generate NFTs that are applicable to a great variety of scenarios with XKEY tokens as incentive.
  • xPlanet Marketplace: A multi-chain marketplace focused on DeFi NFTs, built for trading DeFi derivatives trading. This marketplace solves the pain points of DeFi NFT trading, helps to realize the value discovery and promotes the circulation of DeFi NFTs, and completes over-the-counter transactions of DeFi derivatives, increasing liquidity. Features such as fixed price auction, installment plans, leases and loans will be implemented in a sequence. There will also be some incentivization programs powered by XKEY, including trading mining, maker mining, loan mining, etc.
  • NFT application scenarios: Minted NFTs can be used for a) trading future yields, discounting interest rates and swapping them b) participating in rewarding minting events c) DAO community governance.
xPlanet is facilitating the adoption of NFTs amongst DeFi applications. xPlanet creates liquidity for staked assets, increases the stability of DeFi protocol TVL, improves capital efficiency and creates greater value. It also provides NFTs with a marketplace and applications that promote the value realization of NFTs. Combining fungible assets and smart contracts into an NFT satisfies the demand for programmable assets and tradable smart contracts.
DeFi NFTs are an epoch-making concept, and xPlanet is the pioneer.
Last modified 3mo ago
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